Indomitable © 2016 

Story by Kip & Tessie Wilmot (In Post-Production)

This film follows Danielle Wilkes, a veteran, who after serving 16 years in the United States Army Special Forces faces difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Danielle finds herself in the middle of an investigation regarding an international crime when her ex-lover is found dead. If you are interested in having your original music on the soundtrack please email



Captured © 2014

Story by Tessie Wilmot

This is our latest short film. This film, starring Lilian Brooks, LaKyle Thomas, Charles McIntosh and Jay Ward, explores self esteem and true love. The sky is the limit for Zoe, a beautiful and talented photographer, but her low self esteem and her need for financial support from men is holding her back from prosperity, happiness and true love. After the only man in her life, who cares about her, forces her to take a good look at herself and recognize her many good qualities, Zoe is left to do some soul searching.



Secured Tightly © 2013

Craftfully written by Tessie Wilmot, is a story about three separate couples and how outside forces can wreak havoc on a relationship.

Derrick (Jamey Clay-Brown) and Gabby (Tessie Wilmot) are a successful and accomplished interracial couple, determined to beat the odds despite many people’s objections to their union. But when an old flame returns in Gabby’s life, their confidence and commitment are tested. Breadwinner, Sean (Courtney Nichole), has her life turned upside down when she loses her job due to a customer’s discomfort with her sexual orientation. As she tries to get back on her feet, she must work hard to maintain the confidence her supportive girlfriend, Latoya (Meke Rae), has in her. Jason (Jason “Lumberjack” Johnson) is a US service-member and an             all-American country boy who falls head-over-heels for Emily, (Amber Erwin) a free-spirited young artist. But after a year long deployment overseas, a lot has changed and they quickly learn that getting back to where they were a year ago won’t be easy.

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