Travel Far Productions


Our Mission

To bring diverse movies to your screen, for enjoyment, to all audiences. Not only do we believe in a diverse cast, we also believe in a diverse, controversial, edgy, and able to relate to, movie experience! 


"Indomitable" © 2016

We are in postproduction for our second film, "Indomitable." This film follows veterans Danielle Wilkes and Jonathan Sams, who after serving many years in the United States Army Special Forces, faces difficulty adjusting to civilian life. Danielle finds herself in the middle of an investigation regarding an international crime when her ex-lover is found dead.


"Captured" © 2014

See teaser here

The sky is the limit for Zoe, a beautiful and talented photographer, but her low self esteem and her need for financial support from men is holding her back from prosperity, happiness and true love. After the only man in her life, who cares about her, forces her to take a good look at herself and recognize her many good qualities, Zoe is left to do some soul searching.




Coming Again Soon

Kip Wilmot will facilitate a Family Fun with Art event on Saturday, April 23, 2016, from 2pm to 5pm, at Mason Mill Park, located at 1340 McConnell Drive Decatur, GA 30033. It will be a family fun day. There is a huge playground located outside of the building where the kids can play afterwards. We may even throw some food on the grill. Each adult will have a 11 x 14 canvas and each child will have a 8 x 10 canvas and all will be supplied with paint and brushes. You are welcome to bring any drink you like, as long as it's not an alcoholic beverage (It's kid friendly). We will also have someone there making juice and smoothies from scratch that will delete your thirst. Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children.


Art Work

Kip Wilmot will be bringing his bold creative artwork to each film! You can check some of his art work here. You can also like his facebook page at this link.

If you would like to hire Kip Wilmot to instruct a sip-n-paint or art class please email us at


If you're interested in submitting your music (must be original with your own beats, lyrics, and music), you can contact us by email at or on our facebook page (link is the fourth "f" at bottom of this page).