The Power Couple

Travel Far Productions, LLC, is a Veteran owned business, started in 2013 by Kip and Tessie Wilmot, a loving and ambitious couple! Tessie is a native of Gretna, Louisiana, and Kip is a native of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. They met each other while serving in the United States Navy, stationed overseas in Italy. Kip is an experienced and excellent artist, writer and director. Tessie is an actress, screen writer, and an ambitious filmmaker. Tessie enjoys being in front of the camera, as well as, behind the scenes! Kip enjoys a beer and a sketchbook! They are parents of four beautiful children! Two people who want the same thing out of life, and willing to collaborate on the journey!

About Donations

Donations are welcomed towards our company. You are not just donating money; you are donating to help raise awareness and bring about change on many different topics! ALL and ANY donations are accepted! We appreciate all who makes donations! The incentives that we are giving for donations are listed below!

Recruit Donation: $1-19.99  One DVD and a personal thanks on the Facebook page and website!

Jr Enlisted Donation: $20.00-49.99 Two DVDs, and a personal thanks!

Sr Enlisted Donation: $50.00-99.99  Movie poster, Signed DVD, and a personal thanks!

Jr Officer Donation: $100.00-199.99  T-shirt, Signed Poster, signed DVD, and a personal thanks!

Sr Officer Donation: $200.00 +    Camera time in film, thank you in movie credits, T-shirt, signed poster, two signed DVDs, and a personal thanks!

Admiral Donation: $500+    Opportunity to be behind the scenes (BTS) on set, dinner with producers, camera time in film, thank you in credits, T-shirt, signed poster, two signed DVDs, and a personal thanks!  

Commander In Chief Donation: $1,000+                 Logo on step and repeat (needs to be donated before deadline, email me), dinner with producers and lead actor/actress, company advertisement and thank you in movie credits, opportunity to BTS on set, T-shirt, five signed DVDs, signed poster, and a personal thanks!